National Egg Salad Week

Guess what’s in my refrigerator at this very moment? Egg salad! Even though my family didn’t celebrate Easter this week, we did celebrate Passover which required an enormous amount of eggs to add leavening. Eggs during Passover not only represent the promise of new life, which I believe is similar to the Easter celebration but also are the only food that offers so much functionality that they are essential to survive the holiday. This past week I purchased 42 eggs and used 4 eggs to bind together a cauliflower and leek kugel or casserole, 8 eggs to bind and leaven the matzah balls in my chicken soup, 6 eggs to add richness, bind and add leavening for the apple cake, 6 eggs for richness in chocolate brownies, 4 eggs to bind together my breakfast matzah brei pancakes (twice) and 4 more for a matzah pizza and of course a dozen hard cooked eggs for breakfast and snacks.

One would think I’d be tired of eggs by now but, the funny thing is I’m not. In fact, I kind of tired of chicken but because eggs are so versatile, they can be used in so many ways without repeating the same preparation. I love to read recipes that aren’t too complicated and suggest ways to use leftovers in creatively. One such list of recipes can be found at  which offers suggestions about ways to use the leftover eggs from Easter egg celebrations. How brilliant that every Easter is followed by National Egg Salad Week! Even better, that this works for the leftover eggs from Passover as well.

Marcia Greenblum, MS, RD

Marcia Greenblum, M.S., R.D. is the Senior Director, Nutrition Education at Egg Nutrition Center.

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